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Baby Bedrooms

Like your firstborn begins his first steps towards independence, you may decide to welcome a new baby. If your second baby is due any potty training your first, you are right to feel a little overwhelmed. 

Decorating the nursery is always a fun experience ... and when you have the freedom to do what you want with it. However, if the idea is shared both rooms, toddler and baby, there will be some new things to consider. 

Relax and relieve these palpitations. Decorating a space that is equally appropriate for baby and toddler can be a wonderful experience. Remember these three golden rules for the design of the room shared children. 

Golden Rule 1: Make the safe 

Safe for baby - If you use the same bed as her firstborn asleep, must check for damage and wear. Invest in a good baby monitor to help you keep track of events, even when you are out of the room. A mosquito net not only repel insects, it will stop your child throwing toys or climbing itself. Your baby will soon begin to copy the firstborn and actions. Any toy purchased for the child to be baby safe too. 
Safe for toddlers - When shopping for a small child or a double bed dorms, pay particular attention to the safety rails. Remember, you can now reach new heights. Hanging decoration or baby keep safe distance needs to be moved further. Now you can download a rocking chair - keep away from windows and keep the mesh when you leave the room windows. 
Golden Rule 2: The room should be bright, gay and fun 
Fun for young children - it is used to having all the same ... until now. Amid the excitement of the new baby, it might feel a bit neglected. Why not include it in the decorating process. Make a fun adventure, buy a few new pieces of furniture for it - a small table and chair are a perfect fit. Fun accessories make the room a place your child will love spending time. 
Fun for Baby - A soft rug defines the space baby (and one for the child, of course) can be selected from the theme for the baby. Give two different spaces for each occupant in dormitories like. This will give them a sense of belonging - their own private space. Attach the two subjects in a common mural. 
Golden Rule 3: Keep cool and wait conflict 
Calm a fussy baby - Babies cry ... especially when they need their sleep. Talk with your child and explain your responsibilities as a big brother. There will always listen though. If you do not sleep in time, either during naps or at night, why not let the baby sleep in your room. Once you are asleep, move the baby to the nursery. 
You soothe irritable child - used to be the center of his world, the child may become very irritable when you need care and they are busy with the baby. Expect ups and downs as the two children try to settle and adapt to the new situation. Stay calm and keep plugging ... children eventually learn to enjoy the company of others. 

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