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Clutter Free Kids Rooms

It seems like every mom I talk to are fed the chaos and disorder in the room for their children. Clothes and toys are scattered and seem to multiply daily. Although this is normal, it does not make it less frustrating. Here are some tips to keep clutter at bay in your child's room. 

1 shows an example. I hate the obvious, but it is still the best place to start. Children learn by example more than by rules. Beware the space you have? Limits apply? Have you modeled for help in areas where you are struggling? 

2.Get your child to participate. Participation in the process of giving them ownership maintenance. Writing things can often make a huge difference. Ask questions like "What is your favorite thing in your game room?" and "Is there anything in the room that outgrows?" are good questions to ask. Allowing them to have a voice in her clothes is just as important. Children do not have the same defect as adults on gifts or how much an item was. Instead of asking your child again and again to pick up clothes on the floor, try saying something like that. "I noticed there seems to be enough drawer space for (insert your favorite here article.) Is there something you do not like that we can put aside to make room for them? "

3 Sort and label. Sort toys by categories and assign housing labels. Pictures work well for children who can not read. Do the same with clothing. Baskets, bins and drawers sections limits for when it's time to purge again. 

4 easy. Find containers that are putting things away a piece of cake. Very few children care about the satisfaction you feel when everything is in place. What is most important to them is the speed and ease of getting what they want. When choosing systems and containers for the kids, they need to be easy. Two of my favorites are adjustable rod and a carpet business. 

5 Make room for what's important for your child. It may seem like nothing to you, but if your son spent three hours building something with  can not be happy to take it apart and put it away. What is your child? Justin  collecting rocks, drawing? Give them a place to display items not only maintain but also provide a natural border. "You can put your favorite creations on this platform." When they make a new one, let them choose the one they are willing to lay down their arms. 

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