Creating a Presidential Suite for Your Guest Room

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Creating a Presidential Suite for Your Guest Room

If you want to treat your guests to a night at the luxurious look, why not turn your single room in a presidential suite? If you have a large and spacious, or one that is fairly small room, there are many luxurious and elegant touches that can be added to give the room a more luxurious look. Here are some decorating tips that you can use to turn your bedroom into a room that is fit for its "presidential" clients. 

Simple Elegance 

Style simple and elegant design is the key to creating a presidential look in the bedroom. Each piece of furniture, accent decor accessory or must have a decent and elegant look. It is important to understand this does not necessarily mean the elegant luxury complex or "exaggerated". In fact, some of the furniture pieces and accessories simple can work well, provided they are of good quality.

Taste elegant fabrics should also be part of your decorating scheme. In particular, you should pay particular attention to the bedding you choose. Sheets, pillows, blankets and quilts must be of the highest quality. Although the high quality bedding can be a bit expensive, it is worth the investment. Window treatments must have a formal aspect, such as curtains full length elegant fabric. However, the combination of curtains with drapes or blinds can provide more versatility in controlling the light in the room. 

Decorating Style 

Beautiful wood finishes are always a good option when you create an elegant atmosphere. Hardwood floors or panels on one or more walls can add a sophisticated touch. Although the dark tones of the wood is often considered more formal, you can use lighter shades to create a bright room. 

When choosing decorative accessories, it is usually best to keep things simple. A beautifully framed painting or an elegant piece of sculpture can add a nice touch to the room. However, avoid the temptation to add more ornaments or accessories because it takes formal elegant look you are trying to create. The rich colors will add a touch of beauty, without prejudice to its sophisticated decor style. 

Instead of ornaments and other decor accents meticulous, focus on adding functionality and beauty of the room. For example, a stack of pillows opulent bed add a beautiful and comfortable touch. 

Great furniture options 

Ideally, you should try to create a sitting area in the guest bedroom, plus sleeping area. An elegant desk or shelf wood will add features as well as a sophisticated look. A beautifully upholstered chair in combination with a table and a reading lamp can also be a great addition. Also make sure that the room has a closet or dresser, so your customers have plenty of space to store your clothes and other items. 

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