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Modern Living Room

Her salon is leading the design of the spaces in your home. This is the living room, the space sets the tone for the entire decorating style. 

Design 1: Balancing the red and white 

If you like red light on your walls, then jump up with white can be a good balance for red. The chimney to be white, the picture rails bold color white and white coffee table lies in the eye. 

Design 2: Type of reading 

Mixture models is provided with the objects in the room. Choose a color theme, then use the objects in the room to a different model to define the theme of the room. 

Design 3: Light and Airy 

The cramping sensation can be easily avoided if you really know how to keep the furniture despite the space below. Chairs, coffee table, a wall of windows give the room a touch breaks easily. 

Design 4: White on White 

A totally white space can never look bad. But make sure to incorporate some textures to avoid a hospital like the feeling. A coarse fabric sofa, throw a hook and added carpet in the variation of the monochromatic look of a nubby any

Model 5: reading corner 

Your life can have fun while some fixes on reading time. Get a chair and get comfortable. Make sure you have enough light to the end, it does not seem wrong. Having lighting arrangements for the nights end too. 

Model 6: Last day of preparation 

Get a room full of figures that can also function as an expectation, a sofa and side chairs bamboo. Ocean blue and lime green colors will be ideal for tradition.

Design 7: Changing the game 

The coffee table should be very important if you want a modern version of the traditional coffee table. Extended to prevent sliding board. 

Design 8: Trend touch 

Add accessories necessary for your stay in every season. Pops of color and pattern can easily change the look of a room in its entirety. 

Design 9: Silver Accents 

A silver framed mirrors, coffee tables legs money, money fireplace andirons bring a different aura in the room completely. 

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