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Uniquely Amazing Architectures Designs

Unique Architecture Concept, Edge House By Mobius Architects
Unique Architecture Concept, Edge House By Mobius Architects

Hi, buddies! This time we will see some wonderful designs with amazing architectures. The designs are not limited to homes or villas only, but also train and private libraries in the home. I hope you just curious like me. Let us see these amazing designs!

As I said above if I was interested in the two objects; train and a library which I will discuss it first. An Indian railway called Maharaja’s Express has a design that unusual and super luxurious. Look at the design of the wagon train that is made ​​up of living and working that do not look like a wagon train in general. The carriage is designed very differently and has a great beauty.

Look at the living room couch in the wagon train in white. The long enough sofa has a simple design but the actual seat cushion consisting of various motifs and colors that make it looks very beautiful. Do you agree with me? In front of the couch, there is a table of wood which are decorated by beautiful and fresh greenery. For me, that makes this room looks high class and chic is the lighting. With spot lights that are designed not too big, the room looks very cozy and warm. Plus more with two table lamps that are large enough with in color of white. I think the lighting is really incredible.

Another design that is no less enchanting is the design of the library in the house with a fairly complete bookshelves. The bookshelves is made of wood that looks really blend with the theme of the room made ​​entirely of wood. There is a hanging lamp that looks unique white color with less substantial in the middle of the room. Its unique design is a fireplace in the middle of the big bookcase. The design is very modern and creative. Fireplace makes the room feels very warm and cozy. Read more »

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