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Organize Your Home Office!

Well, we are among the holidays; The kids go back to school and Halloween. So without cleaning closets and no decorations to put yet, we will work in the office! The cube or office at work; both apply. The office is your area of ​​work; where the stream (should) happen. As accounts and heads or pay bills and work on the list and the shopping menu, which is where he is. Where do you feel a sense of accomplishment and immediate, but small. So keep it free of clutter. Clutter can go elsewhere (until I have time to do everything on), but not on the desktop. The fact that the table is a central area and should empty, flat, no-or-shredded paper all handbags, coupons, shoes, cameras, recycling, dog bones,, feathers , boats and sail bags should be lain. I mention this vast list because these are some of the fantastic that I found in my clients in their homes or in their offices things. They are often embarrassed and sometimes I am surprised. 

"Having a dresser or a top shelf in your? Gran. Use it for decoration, framed pictures, books and other references. Unless you have a large desk, probably no place for such things in your . Your should be: computer screen, right up front to write elbow may rest on the surface as well (to avoid fatigue and maintain legible handwriting) office supplies like pens, staplers and paper clips (unless you have a drawer) and a printer (if space again.) 

Note that I have not mentioned the keyboard. Please enter a keyboard tray and have a good, young man to install it for you in your so that you are not at your desk. Unless you work in an area of ​​solid granite, this should not be too difficult to install. Keyboard trays are cheap and worth their weight in gold for the way he saves the neck, shoulder and arm fatigue, chest pain, cramps and just a good massage therapist can delete. After several visits. Just get a keyboard tray. Yes, your forearms should be parallel to the ground, but it is not always possible with the president and tall people, and of course the height of the desk. If you must err, err on the side of a tray below elbow position. One that is higher than your elbows while working you will raise your arms unconsciously with his shoulders and neck muscles, causing pain almost immediately in their silos. (See, it's usually thick muscle is tense shoulders most of one.) 

Finally, keep a separate file, if possible. Papers were presented not simply, if it's too embarrassing. Keep records of everything. One for each insurance, one for each family member, one for bills, taxes, user manuals, and a file, etc. I leave you with these first steps to a clean desk, and the light is there, at the end of the tunnel. See?

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