How to Choose Bedroom Wall Paint

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How to Choose Bedroom Wall Paint

If you are going to paint the whole house, the first thing is to seek help from a specialist. Calls to several budgets to paint a floor  takes about a week. To succeed in the field, ask the painter to make several samples on the wall. Let dry for a day and see them at different times and in the spotlight. When you decide on a color, choose a lighter shade because once applied to the entire wall tends to obscure. 

Type of paint 

Acrylic paint is the most widely used because it can wash maintains the color more than the temple and dries quickly. For rooms, the organic paint is ideal because it is hypoallergenic and does not smell. For bathroom and kitchen is the best moisture paintings. 

 of the Season 

White and every shade is always a safe and timeless value. It is advisable to use this color in rooms that receive lots of natural light, as it will increase its effect. Of course, small house with little light and visually expand the space. 

The pastel colors are great discovery this season: light blue, beige, chickpeas, mustard ... they bring a touch of the pleasant decor, comfortable and soft because they are bright and shiny. If the were the yellow king of the house, because it combines all complexions now a brilliant range version. This color brings warmth, energy and optimism. If you want to give a touch crazy, combine it with green and pink. 

Orange and red are classic, especially when combined with dark wood furniture. Yes, they use in large, bright rooms contrary, tend to darken the space. Avoid use in rooms or . 

Color therapy 

In the psycho style, consider neutral colors bring serenity, calm, and yellow are very happy dense, mainly terracotta and make great cozy rooms. 

Tips ceilings and doors 

When low ceilings should be painted white or off-white to give more space. If you are too tall and prefers lower visually, you can paint them a darker color than the rest of the color of the wall color. Another option is the same color to paint the walls and ceiling, as it broadens the perspective and gives the illusion of space then.

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