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Windows are Important

I have started to gain more and more respect for incredible window treatments. Window treatments can be expensive, but once they are installed, they change the entire room.  Look at the following rooms to see what I'm talking about:

This room below has simple bamboo roman shades under a beautifully trimmed curtains with a pleated box valance:
White Drapes

Similar treatment--even the color! but a totally different look with the wall color to pop the white fabric:
White Drapes with trim
Crisp Architects

This window treatment is also a simple curtain with beautiful trim, and the key to making this look good is PLENTY of fabric (which gets expensive) and a really solid curtain rod with a wrap-around design that blocks out light and gives more privacy:

These curtains--again a simple white fabric with trim--but there is a pinch pleat connected to the curtain rings, and this takes a TON of fabric.  The look is to die for with these black trimmed windows:
Bay Street

Compare the beauty of the windows above to the bare windows like this:

There just is no question that windows need "dressing"--if for privacy and light control only!  Now. How to get the right design for your room?  How to get them made?  Another blog post :)

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