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Carport Design

Carport is part exterior house currently used for those who wish to add value plus the house of her dreams. Do you already have ?? there is no problem for those who have a small house or a large size. Carport identical to the garage, carport Building as mandatory because carport area is becoming more popular as an alternative for those who have a vehicle. The usefulness of the carport is to put a car or other vehicle.
To design or shape carport for minimalist home you can customize with existing funds, like a very minimal fund you could probably use a cement floor and roof canopy made of plastic.

There are a variety of materials that you can choose to design the carport, but need to be considered in selecting the design of both the budget, the processing time and form. Each material has a limited lifespan. For example, a material made of steel, will corrode and rust. In contrast to the stainless steel material, this material is not susceptible to corrosion but requires a larger budget than the regular iron. You can also choose carport wood, because wood has a very high aesthetic value and has a unique texture so that the carport you will look more beautiful. But the drawback is the longer the wood will rot and easily attacked by termites.
Carport canopy cover types also exist various types ranging from fiberglass, Polycarbonate, mica and asbesto, there are some ingredients that has the advantage that no other materials, such as materials Policarbonate. In choosing the material of Polycarbonate, you have to be careful, because for new Policarbonat, durability of color have different ages. There Polycarbonate which guarantees color resistance forever, and there is also Polycarbonate which only lasted for a few years. Intelligently selecting the right materials and the fit can save your cost budget.

There are several things to consider in choosing type of floor carport to match the house:
  • Harmony of colors and materials, so that the house looks more beautiful harmony of materials carport with home design is the first thing we need to consider. For example, your home pick-modern minimalist concept, certainly will not fit if the floor carport in use are materials such as coral brush colorful patterned. 
  • We recommend using the material surface is rough, it is important because carport located outside the house, when exposed to water or humidity will make the floor slippery. Rough surface is needed in order not to endanger the activity in the carport. 
  • Choosing a weather-resistant material is a further consideration. So that the floor remains durable and beautiful views of course we do not want the floor to become brittle will grow moss or fungi. For materials made from concrete or natural stone coating process should be carried out so that the durability of the floor for the better 
Paving block or concrete block is the most popular material used today. The price is cheap and natural color that is the thing that makes this carport flexible to integrate with other home design elements. Cool color will look beautiful, combined with several styles of residential architecture. Currently there are various models is available on the market, so there are many options for creating a beautiful atmosphere in the front yard. 
As for the types of material or materials used in the carport floor of a house at this tim , there are various types. To look match with the design of the house depending on the tastes of each, if if you are still free to determine what the carport floor model is right for the home, you can consult with the architect or designer in a nearby town . For materials that are often used for carport floor include: 
  • Paving or concrete block 
  • Rabat concrete 
  • Printed concrete / precast 
  • andesite stone 
  • a combination of concrete with gravel or coral 
  • etc 

Size and Technical Requirements
The size of the carport is strongly associated with the size of car you have, or are planned will have in the long term. The size of the carport must be wider than the dimensions of your car, for purposes of maneuvering the car when out of the car, or the circulation around it. Low and medium MPV usually have a maximum length of 4.6 m. so simply provide carport with 5m long for these types of cars. Unlike the case with MPV and premium sedan, you must provide the carport with a minimum length of 5,3 m. If the space in your yard less than 4 m, carport means you will only be able to load the car kind of city car.

Wide carport that should be provided for all types of cars is almost the same. Carport width 3 m has been able to accommodate almost any type of car. But it is different, when the carport you plan to put another vehicle, a motorcycle for example. At least you have to add width 80-100 cm carport.
High standards of the highest car less than 1.9 M. So if you have a carport canopy, leave clearance of at least 2.3 m below the canopy.
Other technical requirements that must be met in a carport is a pail or height. should carport oblique shaped with the inner side is higher than the pail. But not too skewed, because it will affect the braking system when the car is parked in the carport. The difference between the outside and the inside carport of 10-15 cm is enough.

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