Carrier and Company, Positively Chic Interiors

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Carrier and Company, Positively Chic Interiors

It seems shelves are inundated lately with Interior Designer monographs (the new calling card of many) and occasionally you'll come across one which is actually inspiring.  Or at least that's how I felt when I was sent a copy of 'Carrier and Company, Positively Chic Interiors'.
The work of husband and wife duo Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller is inspirational because it is NOT a calling card of monotonous work like we see from so many decorators, but rather appears to reflect the tastes of the homeowner. No 2 projects look alike. Don't believe me? Check out their awesome website HERE.
Jesse and Mara are setting the backdrop for their clients, spaces to grow into. The factor tying together all of their work are clean lines and good taste. Good taste may be a dirty word to some decorators and 'tastemakers' but is something that is actually valuable to clients; that's what they hire us for afterall: our taste! That's basically what we're selling these days with the growth of online shopping and big box stores offering a range of services. Competition is fierce!
I love that the book features tons of different baths and kitchens covering many styles.  This versatility is much like most magazines, perhaps why so many in the industry have turned to them to work on their own homes such as Anna Wintour who wrote the forward to the monograph and Jay Fielden.
 Frequently published I think you'll find a lot of new work to ogle in this book -seen with fresh eyes.
The work is tailored to the client, to the location, and is thoughtfully appropriate. These aren't statement interiors but rather spaces to be lived in. As Anna Wintour writes in the forward "Each and every interior here embodies a real sense of personal charm; these are homes whose high style comes from a very human-scaled sense of warmth and joy".
From spare and modern to richly traditional there is a project here for everyone.
Pardon the photograph above scanned from the book but it so exemplifies my own taste that I had to include here.  Be sure to get your own copy of one of this seasons best design books; Carrier and Company Positively Chic Interiors from the Vendome Press!
Many thanks to the Vendome Press for my copy of this book -views expressed are my own.

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