Casual dining room interior design

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Casual dining room interior design

Dining room interior design - The dining room is traditionally a place of conviviality and meeting: a place then controlled by very specific behaviors. So, its space is very marked, the position of the chairs around the table until the correct setting of cutlery and glasses; the gastronomic tradition has therefore designed an immutable structure to accommodate the complex choreography that our meals.

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But in modern times, where new chef have exchanged their hat for a cap and took complicit mass media, a rock star attitude, we are forced to admit that all these rules of etiquette are a bit 'too old-fashioned. Who wants to stand back straight, hands on his knees, in a relaxed dinner with friends? The global trend is moving towards a really cooking easier, almost uninhibited in his utterances, suggesting a more informal behavior at the table in modern homes. In the same way that all of our environments are shaped by our daily actions, so is the dining room interior design.

Inspired by this new culinary philosophy, then we want to present you some examples of interesting dining room interior design that challenge the way we eat. Some more prominently, others in a more balanced way, they will surely give good ideas to make your dinner or your lunch more comfortable and relaxing.

dining room interior design

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A simple but very effective way to change the way you interact with your friends over for dinner is certainly to exchange the classic chairs in the dining room interior design around your table, with a seat informally as the bench. In fact, this alternative apparently humblest has many advantages. Will really have an immediate impact on posture, definitely more relaxed, not to mention the mutual relationship among the guests: the car in effect creates a strong sense of community that calls for dialogue and sharing. In this example, the raw and rustic look of the furniture and interior molded wood, help to create a relaxed atmosphere, while maintaining a comfortable charm.

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We addressed the issue of the chairs, but the dining table should not be left out of the conversation! In fact, the shape and position of the latter has a great influence on the way we interact among ourselves. If tradition has accustomed to rectangular tables, with a variable number of 4-6 chairs at the sides and one at each end, because they do not overturn the boring status quo ? The example in the figure, created by Studio Slate Design, has a square table that completely changes the dynamics among the guests: the most egalitarian form can actually create more common discussions, compared to a rectangular table that isolates normally the people sitting at the ends.

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