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Home Painting Idea

When buying a new home, one important point that is often overlooked is the wall color selection. Choosing wall colors can not be taken lightly. Wall color affects our lives. In addition, the color of the walls also represent our personality. 
Color is the first impression that you feel when looking at a house. However, color plays an important role and influence on household. The right color choice is able to provide a calming effect, motivating, even able to clear the emotional as well as physical and mental healing support its inhabitants. This is where the exploration of color are needed. You can create the impression that the room is quiet, peaceful, cheerful, to which can stimulate and create a sense of spiritual healing. Let's find out the meaning behind the color of the walls

Various of functions in house paint 
  1. Provide color on the surface of the object. 
  2. Protecting the surface of objects, for example, paint can prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the concrete so that it remains clean and durable. 
  3. Anti-bacterial, some types of paint can reduce the surface moisture of the building so it is no longer suitable as a place of growth and development of bacteria that are harmful to humans. 
  4. Shortfall of buildings, for example, areas of the building that had hairline cracks or defects can be seen there is a neat and smooth after being coated with paint. 
  5. Give certain shades in the room, for example, a room with gold paint will give there occupancy elegant and luxurious, rooms with red paint can give the impression of courage, and the impressions others adjust to the type and color of paint used, 
  6. Smoothes or softens the surface of buildings, parts of buildings that were previously seen hard could look softer once in the paint 
Tips on choosing  home paint colors 
Paint functions not only beautify or embellish the house, but there are various other functions in house paint, it is very important to know so that we can be wise in using paint. We know that paint is one type of building material is a liquid which means its use is applied to the surface of the object so that after drying out will stick and give a certain color to the object.
Well .. How to choose the right colors for your interior design? There are several things you should consider.

This color is a good choice for children's bedrooms because it gives the impression of a warm and sunny. If you love bright colors, honey bell is right choice to make the walls of your house looks cool.
The yellow color can symbolize excretion excitement, optimism and something spontaneous, can be used on buildings in order to create a spirit of competition participants. Its depicts prosperity and luxury because it is identical to color of gold. It also commonly equated with the color of the sun so as to give full spirit and energy.
Green turquoise 
Best light you can give to your home is to paint the walls green color turquoise. This color will create a relaxed feeling and spirit. It also help enhance the spirit of learning so it is suitable for your child's room. 
The green color indicates something that is natural and completely healthy, are often used in hospitals, homes and other buildings midwife who wanted to highlight the health. Its natural impression, able to provide a natural atmosphere, cool, and create a harmonious atmosphere, soothes and refreshes

This color has effect to calm the mind and to create a peaceful space that can help you to be more focused in life. 
Gray color means the vague character and tend to be neutral impartiality. The color gray - gives impression of a stable, broad and reassuring

The color creates an elegant and romantic impression. You can use these colors your room to get some sleep quality and sleep. 

This color is often used in homes minimalist design. Mocha color is good and gives you a warm feeling every time you enter the room. 
Light blue 
Seeing the light blue color on the walls will give impression of cool, warm and friendly. Want to cool your home? Use only light blue. 
The blue color is synonymous with tranquility and a high trust, commonly used in building or company logo that promotes confidence in implementing task of the consumer. It gives similarity with impressive sea and sky of peace, calm, quiet, and comfortable. It also able to make the room feel airy.

This is a common wall color and visible in almost every home. The white color will make your home look light and bright. If you like wooden furniture, use white wall color will make you look classy furniture 
The white color indicates a neatness, neat, clean and often also means a high level of purity and understanding supernatural, white color is often used in mosques, schools, courses and other educational world. It is a neutral and tend to give the impression of purity and innocence

Wall color red makes you more excited and optimistic. But you should not wear this color in room If you want deep sleep. Which one wall color is your favorite? Build a house paint colors home
The red color symbolizes emotion aggressive, strong will, strength and desire the passionate therefore Red color is often used to market or store so that consumers do not think too long to take decision purchasing. It gives the effect of a dynamic, active, energetic and powerful. If the red color is applied excessively it will create the impression of anger and full of ambition.

Black house paint colors
black color can mean something full of mystery, fear and it can also mean the breadth of science, is often used on the inner science universities, cemeteries and supernatural consultants.
The black color gives the impression of an elegant, gallant, and magnificent.

Paint color orange
Orange means romantic, humorous and always look presentable. Its impression cheerful, happy, full of vitality and happiness impression

Paint color purple
The color purple symbolizes a luxury and pride.
Brown house paint colors
brown color can mean a pessimistic view of life and it can also mean a seize properties. It also natural impression. Creating an atmosphere of intimacy, warmth, comfort, at the same tranquility
Choosing a paint color is similar to betroth expression, personality into a paint color be it on the wall, ceiling, floor and other parts of house. The color can use a variety of materials such as ceramic, marble, wallpaper, paint, etc., each of these building materials have a variety of color options that can be used.

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