How to Remove the Moldy Floor TIles

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This is about : How to Remove the Moldy Floor TIles
And this article : How to Remove the Moldy Floor TIles
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How to Remove the Moldy Floor TIles

Floor tiles with the fungus is very less unsightly. Wherever you live, mold and mildew often cause problems. Sometimes you can see it but sometimes not. Sometimes it could be black but white.
Fungus attached can also cause disease. Generally ceramics with the fungus was in a damp place such as a bathroom, washing and others. However, there is one way to remove stains caused by fungi, using powdered crystals.

The use of this crystal powder to clean the ceramic of the fungus is not yet very famous in dwelling houses. However, if in hotels and offices clean the mushrooms with the application of powdered crystals is commonly done. Cleaning the ceramics of the fungus by using powdered crystals is very easy, the following information :

Tools and materials required :
  • Water 
  • Tooth brush 
  • Crystalline powder
  • Sponges 
  • Brush 
  • Plastic container
How to use :
  • Mix 1 tablespoon powdered crystals with ¼ cup water evenly in the plastic container. If the stain has been very severe buildup, the amount of crystal powder should be added.

  • Clean the tiles with a brush or sponge to clean of the stain. Use a toothbrush to clean the stains on the grout (the gap between ceramics)
  • After thoroughly clean, flush floor with clean water .

Tips Floor Tiles Overcoming by Damp

Floor of the house, both made of wood, ceramic or other materials often have moisture problems. Damp floor of the house which can be the cause of disease due to fungi and bacteria. Whereas the damp floor caused by water from the soil that appears or perk up. Well, muncunya the water is caused by a layer of mortar on the floor that is not watertight. To cope with the damp floor of ceramic models, the following tips:

Tools used :
  1. Plastic sheet
  2. Sand
  3. Cement
  4. Spoon cement
Step process:
  1. When the floor watertight, simply close the grout with water-resistant material. For floors that are not watertight, such as parquet flooring, lift the floor surface areas up to the layer of moist sand back fill.
  2. Cover the surface of the sand before the plastic sheet
  3. Give watertight species with a ratio of cement and sand 1: 2. Species with a coating thickness of about 3 cm.
  4. Replace the floor as before.

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