A Guide to Finding the Perfect Mattress

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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Mattress

So you’re buying a bed, and thought choosing a mattress would be pretty simple? In fact, picking a mattress is really important and can be the difference between restless sleep and the best night’s sleep. When it comes to selecting your mattress, you should be conscious of finding something to support your back and neck. This will help you to avoid waking up with those aches and pains the next morning.

You should also take into account the things that suit you - what might be right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another. Be sure to test out your mattress before investing. Many companies even give a trial period in which you can test out the suitability of your mattress. Here are the different types of mattresses you should consider when you start bed shopping.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

In pocket sprung mattresses, you’ll find springs sewn into separate fabric pockets. That means that each pocket works independently to provide you with support where you need it. This is great for someone who shares a bed with a partner who is a different size to them. The pockets will stop you and your partner rolling into each other during the night. Bear in mind that you should aim to buy a mattress with at least 1000 springs to ensure a higher quality.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are often sprung mattresses that have been topped with a layer of memory foam. This means that the mattress can mould to the shape of your body and provide support in the areas you need it most. They tend to be a bit pricier than other mattresses, but are great for relieving the aches of painful joints. If you suffer from arthritis, in particular, this may be the mattress to consider. However, one thing to bear in mind with memory foam is that because it moulds to your body shape, it reduces air circulation. This can make you warmer as you sleep. This is great for winter, but can be too much for summer.

Premium Air Beds

When I think of airbeds, it’s hard not to conjure up images of inflatable mattresses than end up deflated by the end of the night. However, premium air beds are so much more than that. They fit properly into your bed frame and can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Alter the firmness or softness of your mattress with a handy control and make sure you get a proper night’s sleep. An added bonus is that you can even find double mattresses that adjust each side independently. You and your partner don’t have to fight over the firmness anymore.

Coil Mattresses

Coil mattresses are good if your budget is a bit smaller as they tend to come in at the cheaper end of the scale. However, this does mean that you can end up sacrificing quality. Generally they are less comfortable than the mattresses listed above. And because the springs are all connected by one wire you’re much more likely to be disturbed by your partner moving in the night.

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