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Decorating with Plates

I love collecting both new and vintage plates and platters and using them for practical and display purposes in our home.

My current obsession is collecting ironstone platters. I love them in a pile or used under a basket of flowers or to corral items on a bathroom counter.

Plates add a nice back drop to displays in hutches or china cabinets.

I love plates and platters in all shapes and sizes.

I like to switch out plates in seasonal vignettes.
A stack of plates is a great prop.
In our basement guest bedroom I used three different white plates with patterned edges inside a trio of frames for wall decor.
They are on the wall at the end of the guest bed.
Besides lots and lots of white plates, we also have a few seasonal plates that I use in different vignettes. Square Halloween plates....

 Solid colours and some pretty patterns too.

I guess collecting them is a bit of an obsession.

In our dining room in the pine china cabinet are the plates I bought new. The tall stack of white plates are caterers plates that we use instead of paper for parties. On either side of our dining room window I hung a pair of vintage brown transferware plates.
We also have 16 place settings of plain white dinnerware from Real Canadian Superstore in the china cabinet. Pretty enough to use for nicer dinners, but cheap enough that I won't worry if they break.
My blue and white transferware is currently in the basement kitchen cupboards. I'm looking for a plate rack to display some of the pieces and I might even remove a cupboard door or two to display some more.
I love collecting little plates too. This butter pat and smaller plate hold my late mom's rosary in our living room. 
Single plates and dishes work great as soap dishes in bathrooms. The one on the right is currently on the edge of our soaker tub in our master ensuite. 

Plates also help corral containers and bottles. This vintage ironstone oval plate holds the hand soap and lotion in our main kitchen.

I also use mismatched plates or platters as saucers under plants. So, are you a plate junky like me?

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