Kitsch style in interior design

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Kitsch style in interior design


Kitsch style in interior design

Kitsch in the interior represents brightness, courage, open mockery of traditions and tastes and of course extravagance in all its manifestations. Kitsch exaggerates and defies all other styles. Maximalists and bright personalities and those who do not care about the opinions of others and those who love to splurge and stand out from the gray mass choose this style.
The line between kitsch and bad taste is very thin, so if you have dared to choose such a bold style in the interior leave its implementation to real professionals. Inexperienced designers and beginners can very easily convert kitsch into a rough vulgarity.
kitsch in interior

Basis of the style

Kitsch room interior hits you with its brightness, clamorous, excess and bombast. It is almost vulgar and banal; there is a lot of cheap and fake in this style. The main its objective is to surprise, perhaps even shock and raise your emotions out.
The main trick in this direction is to freely combine all incongruous elements. It includes colors, decor and furniture. Kitsch style loves to bring any design rule to the absurd, laughs openly at all canons. In one room you can see all the colors of the rainbow, country style furniture may peacefully coexist with the fake gold and precious stones.
The main color of kitsch is bright red, which can be supplemented with garish pink and light green.
kitsch style in interior

Lighting in kitsch style

Commonly multiple light sources are used, preferably from different stylistic directions and different shades. You can completely abandon the basic lighting and use only lamps and sconces; in the living room you can hang lights that remind paper lanterns or pompous huge chandelier over the dining table.

Furniture for kitsch style

Interior items may be taken from completely different styles and materials. The main rule is a lot of decoration, gilt and mirrors, bright colors and unexpected combinations. You can feel free and place a red lacquer armchair with gold pad in strict classical interior, add a couple of lacy pillows on the sofa and carpet with long pile on the floor that is how looks kitsch interior like. You can restore yourself old furniture and decorate it with gold and "precious stones."
kitsch style in interior design

Walls, floor and ceiling finishing in kitsch style

Complete freedom and rejection of the rules in the design are expressed in combination of plastic, wood, metal, marble and other materials in one interior. Strict maroon wallpaper can coexist with blue linoleum or tiled in oriental style.

Accessories for kitsch style

The abundance of different decor in very large quantities is the main principle of kitsch. Here you can see cheap figurines, plastic picture frames, "gilded" moldings and columns of foam and even graffiti and plastic curtains.
kitsch in interior

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