5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

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This is about : 5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof
And this article : 5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof
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5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

New roofs can be very expensive to replace and even repair and so spotting the tell tales signs before they get any worse can help you save both a lot of money and time too.

However if you have a Fort Worth roofing issue then make sure you use a proven roofing contractor like http://txroofingsolutions.com who actually knows what they are doing, otherwise it could end up costing you even more to rectify later should anything go wrong.

1) How Old Is Your Roof

Most roofing experts go by the 20 to 25 year rule of thumb, after this most roofs need re-doing as the materials, joins and fixings deteriorate beyond a simple repair. In areas with heavy snow, rain and high winds this time scale can drop dramatically so it is largely area dependent too.

It also depends on if you have already had a replacement and if the old roof was removed or a second layer of shingles was applied over the top instead.

2) Chimney Flashing

The area surrounding your chimney where it meets your roof is a huge area of concern and actually one of the most prone areas to “failure”. If your flashing is made up of tar or roof cement then it may need replacing with a more long term and suitable material. Most professionals now choose to use metal because it is a lot stronger, can withstand the heat if you use your chimney and likewise is a lot easier to make sure it’s completely water tight too.

3) Roof Valleys/Rain Channels

These needs to be kept clear at all times, often you will find tiles/shingles that have come loose or have moved and are blocking your roof valleys/rain channels on the roof.

Likewise some roofs channels are actually made up of shingles/tiles which will obviously be the first points to deteriorate because of the increased weathering and usage they receive. Keep a close eye on these areas specifically and it will give you a good indication on when you may need a new roof.

4) Missing Tiles/Shingles

A more obvious one but even on large roofs they can still be hard to spot. Roof shingles/tiles should all be perfectly aligned and you shouldn’t notice any different looking areas on your roof.

If you do spot anything out of line then it could lead to bigger issues in the future so get it checked and sorted as soon as possible.

5) Daylight Coming Through Into Your Attic/Loft

Following on from missing tiles/shingles, another main give away that you need a new roof is if you go into your attic/loft and you can see any areas of daylight coming through.

If daylight can come through then that also means rain can come through. Rain can lead to issues with damp, which can lead to structural issues. Both of these issues can make your home unsafe and are much more costly to repair than just getting your roof re-tiled/shingled. As highlighted before if you are concerned about your roof then your best bet is to get a specialist in before things get any worse. It’s always better to be safe than sorry later on.

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