Create a Seaside Home with These Decor Tips

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Create a Seaside Home with These Decor Tips

Choosing a theme to decorate your home is a good idea if you want the decor to flow. Everything will be much more coherent if you have a central theme. However, deciding on what it should be isn't always easy. If you live by the sea, or you want to, you might consider letting the ocean inspire you. It might seem a little cliche, but it can be an excellent way to create a bright and airy home. Classic seaside colors of white, blue and green can combine with nautical and ocean motifs, from anchors to seabirds.

Start with a Seaside Home

If you want your home to have a seaside theme, the best thing to do is to start with a property by the coast. Of course, you're probably not going to move just so you can have a coastal home. But if you're currently looking for somewhere new to live, Linden Homes have some beautiful new properties by the sea. By choosing a house by the seaside, you can have a home that has the look you want on the outside, as well as on the inside. Newly built properties can be especially attractive. You can do whatever you want with the interior.

Use Seaside Colors

When you think of a beach or ocean themed home, there are probably a few colors that come to mind. White, pale blue and navy may be some of them, along with red and perhaps yellow too. A seaside home should be bright and airy, with plenty of light. Pastel shades and neutral colors can form the basis of your decor. Use some stronger hues as accent colors. You should focus on calm and relaxing tones that will make you want to take a deep breath and smell the sea air (even if there isn't any). Some of these colors might seem a little /2015/10/5-things-that-affect-climate-of-your-home.html">cold, so you can focus more on navy and other shades for more warmth.

Coastal and Nautical Motifs

You're sure to notice many recurring images when you look at seaside-themed interiors. Some of the things you might see include marine wildlife, anchors, and boats. You can also use shells and other things associated with beaches and oceans. Using these in the right way can be difficult, as everything can look too cutesy if you go overboard. Try to be subtle with how much you use these different motifs and where you put them.

Rustic Detail

When you're planning your seaside interiors, try not to make everything too sleek. Although you probably want things to be smart, you can keep it a little rustic too. Consider using items like interestingly shaped driftwood or a bowl of sea glass. These can help to add a natural feel to your home. You could use rope to create nautical features and play with different rough and smooth textures to create a varied design.

A seaside theme can be a fun thing to play with in your home. However, you have to be inventive if you want it to be unique and not cliche.

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