How to Maintain Garage Door

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How to Maintain Garage Door

Did you know that regular maintenance of your garage door prolongs its life span? Now you know but you may still want to know how to maintain the door of your garage. The door of the garage is used frequently and at least in the morning and evening. When the door malfunctions, it inconveniences you, poses a risk to garage users and leads to huge expenditures for repair and possible replacement. It is advisable to carry out simple maintenance every now and then while inviting technical personnel for routine maintenance of the door. Here are some steps to assist you to effectively maintain the door of your garage regularly.

Regular door inspection

Regular inspection of the garage door is highly recommended to ensure that it is safe for use and operates smoothly. When inspecting the door, you should visually check whether the torsion and extension springs are intact. In case any of them are broken, you need to call in a technician to fix it. Note that springs operate under high tension hence dangerous if you try to adjust them. When inspecting the door, it is important to check whether it opens and closes smoothly. Resistance is an indication of a developing problem. It is advisable to inspect the door of your garage every fortnight while allowing a technician to inspect it every three months for safety sake.

Routine door balance testing

Garage door may lose its balance after a period of use. This is manifested by the door hanging crookedly. However, routine door balance testing helps in detecting the problem way before the door malfunctions. In order to check for the balance, disconnect the power to the door opener and pull the cord to the inner track to unlock the opener. Then, lift the door manually and later releasing it slowly. If the door is not well balanced, it will either rise or drop at once hence need for a technician to balance it. Also, if the door holds in place after releasing it, you need to check whether it is straight or hanging crookedly, as the latter is a sign of lack of door balance.

Lubrication of the door

Lubrication of the movable door parts helps in reducing the chances for repair and replacement of door parts. Garage doors have many movable parts that aid its opening and closing. Friction of those door parts due to lack of adequate lubrication leads to premature wear and tear that causes the door to malfunction. Most door providers recommend non-silicon based lubricant for best results though motor oil can be used. The major parts to be lubricated regularly include the hinges, metal and nylon rollers, all types of springs and bearings. However, it is not advisable to lubricate the roller tracks as they may cause sliding of the door hence losing its balance (Read more here).

Regular door cleaning Garage door is exposed to dust, oil and other kinds of stains. Therefore, cleaning should be performed as part of maintenance. Steel doors can be cleaned with water and soap while wooden doors should be wiped using a dry-soft cloth. Regular painting is highly recommended after cleaning.

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