Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays'-Rihanna

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Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays'-Rihanna

It’s Time for this week’s Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays’ Well here we go again …. This week the snitch is snitching on the Barbados-born international superstar Rihanna and boy am I going to blow the whistle on her Real estate list. Rihanna has to some extent silently put her Beverly Hills, CA mansion on the market with an asking price of $4,500,000. Apparently it was hush, hush, but you know the snitch had to snitch it out anyways! I got the entire scoop on the Beverly Hills, CA mansion Of Ms Rihanna. The $4.5000, 000 price is a far cry from the $6.9 million price she paid in 2009 for the mansion.
After moving into the home the pop star soon found out the honeymoon was over.
She soon discovers that this home had more problems then she was willing to deal with. Rihanna claims the home has structural defects rendering that it’s not fit for human habitation. She was so displease that Last August; she took those claims to court in a lawsuit filed against the home's realtors, developers and other companies that took part in the remodeling of the home.  Apparently Rihanna wanted to divorce this place right away!!! One will think if the house leaks she would put it under her um-um-um- umbrella, (Ella ella eh eh eh). No really on a serious note for those who are looking to purchase a home in the future let this be a lesson to us all. We can’t go out and get a bootleg home inspector because even with a home inspector it can go wrong. Apparently Rihanna named a home inspector in her lawsuit. Check out the picture of this home from the MLS and some that are fully furnished.

Home Before Furnished:

 Here's what the home looks like furnished!!!

Real Estate Snitch tip of the day-While searching for a home inspector make certain the inspector is someone reputable and trustworthy. Remember No Bootleg Home Inspectors!!!

Do you think Rihanna have a real case in the courts?
How did you like the furnished photos of the house?
If money allowed would you purchase this home knowing its water leakage issues? Remember your getting it for a bargain.
Let me know in your comments bellow!!! 

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