Updating Your Traditional Sash Windows

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Updating Your Traditional Sash Windows

Timber frame sash windows can last for many decades, and they may still be going after 100 years. However, there comes a time when even these durable and long-lasting windows need updating, and if you find that you are having to fashion repairs and paint the frames more often than before, then this could be a sure fire sign that it is time to invest in new windows.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice the traditional look of sash windows or the natural beauty of timber frames when it is time to upgrade, and you can replace your existing timber sash windows with modern timber frames and double or triple glazed windows. You can also choose from a variety of configurations, add extra fittings and safety features, and you can create the window design and layout that you want. By using a professional and experienced box sash window company, you can also enjoy accurate and reliable guidance to help achieve the look, the energy efficiency, and the reliability that you want.

When a lot of people consider upgrading windows and doors, they instinctively look towards PVC, but timber still has a viable purpose and function to fulfil. What’s more, with the appropriate level of glazing and the right energy saving techniques employed, there is no reason for timber frames to cause heat or energy loss in your home, while their longevity means that they are considered the greener option, compared to PVC frames which can recycled but only at considerable cost.

The quality of glazing will have a significant impact on how energy efficient your windows are. Double glazing has become standard, while triple glazing not only offers greater heat retention, but it can also be used to offer the benefits of safety glass. Safety glass is important in some sash window designs, because of the fact that the window is effectively a large pane of glass. Glazing that is not secure can break when pressure is applied to the centre of the pane, but safety glass prevents this from being a problem.

Sliding sash windows enable you to open the whole pane without having to swing a large piece of glass or PVC out. Hinges can struggle under the weight of a large piece of triple glazing, but the sliding sash mechanism can properly sustain and hole the weight of the windows that they are designed for. This means that there is no danger of the window collapsing under its own weight. Additional safety features mean that you can lock windows, or you can prevent them from being opened too far unless you want them to be, and you can completely shut out exterior noise by closing the window fully.

Timber frame sash windows are a traditional choice, and they offer the natural beauty that is provided by the use of natural wood. Whether you have a period property, or you simply want to enjoy the benefits of windows that can be opened fully, timber frames are a viable and attractive option.

The Box Sash Window Company specialises in the manufacture and fitting of high quality, attractive, and efficient double or triple glazed sash windows. Enjoy traditional looks with modern features for your home glazing.

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