Which Color Should I Use?

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This is about : Which Color Should I Use?
And this article : Which Color Should I Use?
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Which Color Should I Use?

When faced with a room in need of a new look, the question most often asked are which colors should I use? And how do I merge them? “When choosing color ourselves it can be somewhat of a daunting proposition.
When trying to develop the skill of color confidence to create a room that is quite but not dull, or vibrant but not loud, it is helpful to learn some basic color vocabulary. 

This post color language is Hue

Hue- is just another word for color the terms hue and color are used interchangeably in art and interior design.  Lets look at some room examples and you would soon see that the word color and hue are one in the same.

Rich, sunny orange paint on the upper walls (above) bright against the white woodwork illuminates the space and creates a bold looking room. The dominating hue in this room is orange.
This green is a happy hue, perfect for kid rooms. This color is infusing bedroom with warmth and brightness for kids. In this room the bold hue is on the furniture and the walls are in a very subtle white which makes the hue green (color) pop.
In this photo The color Hue is on the wall with the bold color of green with white book shelve as your contrast color but what’s interesting here is that both of your colors (hues) stands out. The book shelves stand out along with the bold wall this is what you call a sharp contrast but both stands to complement each other.
Check out this wedding board the bold hues of blue against the white and the beige will really stand out in this wedding.  Here’s to something blue.

The Hue here is on the red wall and then you see it again with the black headboard red bedding with the white and what about the red hue in the accessories.

What a romantic bed with the hue being lots of red in the bed and the white sheets. Beautiful 

 Red Hue

So if this was a test!!! Where is the hue in this room? "I know this is soooo easy that I shouldn't ask"  But I had to.

Well I just love the pop of pink hue from the table and what about the pop of hue from the yellow art and the yellow lamp and we can’t forget the yellow hue on the pillows Oh I almost forgot that green table lamp on the pink hue table.  Wow this room is full of hue and I love it. This room rocks!!! Wait one minute!! Did you see the gray floors in the room totally unexpected?

Rihanna  sporting her  shocking 'do has lots of hue. Her do is amazing with the shocking hue red it looks so good with the pink fuchsia shirt Wow I'm feeling it.

What do you think!!! Are both hue and color the same? Are you encouraged to work with bold colors (hues) on your walls and furniture? 

Come on!!! Let me know what you think!!

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