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This is about : Style Mood is Monochromatic
And this article : Style Mood is Monochromatic
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Style Mood is Monochromatic

Monochromatic color schemes are based off of a single color. In my opinion a monochromatic color scheme- looks most interesting when different materials are used. Pairing monochromatic with different patterns and textures but all with the same underlined color with a subdued, sophisticated, and harmonious look brings monochromatic alive.

Sit back and enjoy the different flavors of Monochromatic.
Utilize a monochromatic color scheme in your bedroom too!! By featuring various patterns and textures. This guest room is mostly the one color of tan but with the pops of white it gives it the monochromatic flavor it needs. With the walls being tan and the headboard tan you would think it will be too much blending but that's not the case here because of the suede texture of the headboard. This monochromatic color is very fitting for a guest room

I love this purple living room, it’s so elegant, dramatic, chic and glamorous. A monochromatic color scheme is one in which a palette is used in varying shades of the same color. You can see all the shades of purple in this glam room just~ love,love,love it. To explain the silver it reflects the color pallet in the room which is the one color purple and that's what makes it monochromatic.

WOW!!! Look at the textures in this room !!! Monochromatic never looked so good
 I love this room with the pop of yellow and the layered picture frames on the wall, I love it!!!
 Now check this out, this room is so calm and relaxing looking I can see myself felling comfortable in this bedroom.
 What a nice little calming space to do your makeup.
Monochromatic Catwalk ~ walking the catwalk in mono tones never looked so good. When done well, fashion and interiors can have a unique richness about them even if there’s only one color~ the fashions up above are all done well with all the same colors but different shades and textures and not at all boring 

How about weddings?~Check out this lovely wedding story board done by a designer who had a vision of ethereal little angels flitting among snowy white clouds which called for celebration that calls for a palette that’s as pure as the driven snow. This designer stuck with white, cream, and a few organic touches of green. Source stylenotes

Random Inspiration of Monochromatic

Beautiful Monochromatic bathroom
What an amazing demonstration of monochromatic art
I would love to have this on one of my walls ~flawless flow of monochromatic art

  • What do you think!!! Do monochromatic or one color design has to be boring?
  • Is there one color that you love so much that you can see in your home all throughout one room?

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