7 Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

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7 Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

Welcome back to our http://sophiamagnolia.blogspot.com /search/label/Bathroom%20Design">luxury series on bathroom upgrades. Today, we’re going to show you how to achieve a level of sophistication and decadence in your bedroom. Whether it’s an en-suite or a master bathroom, you deserve a little sanctuary of relaxation. We believe your bathroom should feel more like a spa than a cold room, don’t you? We’ve picked up plenty of tips from expert designers on our travels, and we’re sharing the secrets with you.

From simple decorative changes to a new three-piece-suite, we’ve got the whole thing covered. We’d love to know your thoughts and ideas at the end of the article, so do let us know what you think. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

1. Underfloor heating

There’s nothing worse than walking onto a cold, hard floor first thing in the morning. That sharp feeling will quickly wake you up! Instead, step onto a warm floor, fitted with underfloor heating. Understandably, this isn’t an easy installation if you don’t already have the system in place. However, it is possible to install underfloor heating retrospectively, and it’s worth every penny! Another option is opting for a heated pad. You can place this under a bathroom rug or underneath the mirror for optimal foot-warming.

2. Bubble jets in the bath

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have your very own jacuzzi at home? Well, it’s not impossible when you install bubble jets into your existing bath. In some cases, it’s often easier to replace the bath entirely with a new bubble-jet version. However, there are some systems that simply adapt to your existing bath shape and design. Now you can relax after a long day at work in a jacuzzi bath with a good book. If it sounds too perfect to be true, then just take a look at what’s available.

3. Tiling

When it comes to creating a luxury bathroom, it’s all about the perfect decoration. Those classic bathroom colours aren’t going to create the effect you’re looking for. Instead, you need sophisticated tiling on the walls, and even the floors. If you’re not sure where to start, take a glance at Tile Markets. You’ll find some great showrooms for inspiration, and an idea of prices. Try to recreate your favourite hotel bathrooms with the tile design.

4. Power shower

If a jacuzzi bath is the ultimate luxury after a long day, a power shower is just what you need to wake up! A warm, powerful shower is the perfect cure for those sleepy mornings. There’s nothing worse than shivering under a dribble of lukewarm water in the morning! Try installing a waterfall shower for the ultimate experience. All it takes is a day to install these brand new shower systems, and you’ll never wake up cold again.

5. Roll top bath

If you’re thinking about replacing your existing bath for one with jacuzzi jets, use the opportunity to choose a new shape. The traditional roll-top shape is a classic, sophisticated, and luxurious choice. After all, you often see these types of baths in five-star hotels and stately homes. It’s a big indulgence, and a decadent choice for your bath.

6. Music system

Now that you’ve got your luxury fixtures and fittings, it’s time to add the simple extras. With the hardware in place, you can begin to think about setting the right mood and ambience. A reliable music system is a great way to do that. You can play your favourite music while relaxing in the bath, or blast some energetic songs in the morning to get you going. You can use a simple iPod sound system, or install a sophisticated music system from scratch.

7. Lights, candles, and flowers

With the music in place, we need a few final touches. A few well-placed candles and soft lighting will do the trick. Again, this is perfect for a long, relaxing soak in the bath. We particularly like using a dimmer switch in the bathroom. It helps set the mood in the evenings. But, it’s also great for those dark mornings where your eyes haven’t quite adjusted to the light yet! Finally, place some flowers and greenery around the bathroom to breathe some life into the place. It will soften the hard edges of the tiling and fixtures. It will also add a fragrant and natural scent to the room. You can top this off with some incense or scented candles for the ultimate spa experience.

There you have it, the perfect luxury bathroom is all yours! Where would you start with your luxury upgrades?

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