A Girl Can Buy Herself A Valentine Bouquet

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A Girl Can Buy Herself A Valentine Bouquet

We're women who can take care of ourselves. We don't need a companion to help us celebrate Valentine's Day, even though you may have been raised to think differently.

(Yeah, I didn't come around to this way of thinking until recently myself...)

This Valentine's Day is the day to change all that if you're single/divorced/widowed!

We can buy ourselves a nice pretty Valentine's Day bouquet should we desire to do so. 

Just like I did at Walmart this morning.

And I'm enjoying gazing at it from where I sit on the couch working on my laptop.

A girl can certainly put them in a pretty vase or pitcher and set them on her table, and enjoy them as she dines alone. 
What's your favorite take-out? Chinese? A nice juicy steak? Well, order it for yourself on Valentine's Day. Vegetarian?

And light a scented candle. If you like music, today's the day to enjoy your favorite lyrics.

Just like years ago I hand-stitched those tiny squares into a tiny quilt, I am certainly capable of enjoying my dining experience with my pretty flowers in front of me on Valentine's Day.

The pupsters are all the company I need. 

The silence spun gold... 

The sunlight outside the patio door is dazzling... 

I look about my apartment, and I feel pleased at my cozy surroundings...

I am a happy girl. 

Life is good.

To make my day even more special...I took a trip down the frozen food aisle. (I'm just not much of a cook...)

I purchased two frozen Pepperidge Farm cakes (one a creamy Red Velvet. And the other is German Chocolate.) 

(I had to try just a bite of the Red Velvet cake, and it is absolutely divine! Wicked sweet. And oh, that cream filling.)

Below are three reasons to celebrate being single on Valentine's day:

1) You can pick out the bouquet you want
2) You can buy yourself chocolates and eat the whole box 
3) You can choose to do whatever you want on Valentine's Day. (I may go to my favorite antique mall.)

This girl certainly does not need a male companion to have fun on a supposed "couples" day. 

I will enjoy my day to the hilt.

So if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day because you aren't "part of a couple", rethink that today

Because you are special all by yourself

Isn't that something to celebrate?
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