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European Style Home

European Style Home

European-style minimalist design minimalist house designed with European style now starting to grow in the country of Indonesia. Most Indonesian people start using European architectural style that an example is a Dutch architecture house minimalist design. modern style with simple and elegant shapes of the wall is a modern house charm that makes Europe increasingly attracts devotees.

An example is the design of European style house has a living room that has the shape of a typical medieval castle Europe. Of course, this does not mean. You should actually be able to implement these forms in size as the original.

You can choose various options for the use of models that fit the shape of the building housing the Dutch style, which often use the space inside the circle. They can also be added as a window that has the same characteristics can also create the impression of a strong European style. shaped glass window made of glass with the top half of the circle is a good representation from all over Europe have the basic style.

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