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Minimalist house

Minimalist house

Minimalist house has a variety of models and types. So we need not be confused to choose the model and type of minimalist house which will serve as our occupation. However, models and types that should diesuaikan by several factors. Among them is the area of land available, the property fund, and the number of family members. Write minimalist example of the type 21 and 36. People in large urban areas, it will be difficult to find land. If the land is expensive psatinya. However, later menreka think that you are buying material goods. Therefore, people who will build a house, at least must be set aside and must think carefully to decide everything. Overall, 21 minimalist house type is the type of simple minimalist home, small, and small. The house is usually a good choice for people who earn mediocre, not married, or who have only one child.

However, for type 36 can be classified households that are not too small and not too big. But here we must also save space, so the space for family members also unopposed. Therefore, that area of ​​the room to be optimal, it is useful only if the owner uses that are multifunctional and small furniture to match. However, if there is furniture that is rarely used, it should be avoided. In general, type 21 minimalist house is usually built on an area of ​​60 m2 to 72 m2 and has a constructed area of ​​approximately 21 m2. Thus, the minimalist house like this can only be a few rooms away.

As a living room, a bedroom standard size or minimum size 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and a bathroom. From here, you can imagine that the narrowness of the minimalist house 21. As with the minimalist type of 36. This house was built on an area of ​​75 m2 to 80 m2 and has a floor area of ​​about 36 m2. Houses of this type can only make 1 room, 2 rooms of standard size or the size of a minimalist 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bedroom. For a minimalist home and type 21 36, usually a family room abolished. Because given the available space does not allow.

This type of house is often used in the region, especially in asia

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