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More Living Space Arrangements

I have always been a furniture re-arranger. Drove my husbands crazy. But now I live alone with the pupsters, and I never hear a complaint out of them when I change things around. A girl's best friend!
I'm intrigued by how people arrange their furniture. Here's an arrangement that I really like...

This is a great example of moving your furniture away from the wall. I've always liked an angled couch.
This room arrangement utilizes a piece of furniture to separate the living space from whatever is behind it. This is a good way to divide a long space. 
Here's one living space arranged three different ways. It helps to see the same furniture in different arrangements, I think.
This arrangement is naturally cozy because it basically encloses the living space, leaving traffic flow around it but not through it.

This grouping of furniture is somewhat formal. The emphasis, or focal point, is the fireplace. And the furniture encloses the space to signify its importance in the room.

This is a nice casual arrangement for a small space. The furniture is arranged for ease of conversation. And the traffic flow is outside of the grouping, giving the actual furniture arrangement as the focal point of the space.

This arrangement would work well in a small space that must be used in various ways. The sofa faces the two chairs. And a dining room table and chairs is off to the side for dining.

This is an apartment where the living space is somewhat small. The focal point is the window. And the two chairs in front of it leave room to enjoy the view. The table in between them does not take up much visual space, allowing the eye to go straight to the window.

There are so many ways to arrange your space. Change it up. See what works best. And if you're like me, you'll change it up again before too long!

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