Small Study Room Interior Design for Kids

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Small Study Room Interior Design for Kids

Are you hard to get an ideas in designing kids study room ?. Kids study room is designed in accordance with the demands to meet all your child’s activity in their room, ranging from the study, rest and also play.
With the concept of efficient and functional, small room can be designed so as to provide comfort for your kids study. The degree of separation of furniture strengthen the efficient design concept because the room is too narrow, so the space between the study area and the bed can be maximized and more save space so that the room does not feel full and overflowing. Here are some inspiring ideas in children’s learning space

Arrange the study area is placed on a bed, this is to emphasize the differences in the activity room children’s learning. When children are studying put the bed under it so as not to look while keeping the concentrations studied.

Desk is placed away from windows to avoid loss of concentration when children learn, faced it to the wall in a corner to maintain the privacy of learning and improving concentration.

Credenza is used to store children’s clothing in addition to make stacking drawers on the right side that can be used as a mini ladder to reach the study area as high as 80cm. These drawers can also be used to store items or toys.

Color selection is adjusted with conditions of study room, the blue color makes a quiet and very conducive to learning.

Carpets can be a puzzle spoon to attached a schedule of learning and all the important notes on the table can be attached to the wall.

Because of study area has difference high with the other areas, safety still must be considered in addition by installing a railing for safety, railing it also functioned for desk leg.

Bookcases are placed close to the desk, so easy to reach when the child is learning, high is also adjusted with the height of the child who was in grade school.

Put the book shelf that hangs on the wall to put the book textbooks and some decorations. Besides can be used to save text books, open shelves are also used to display your child’s toy collection.

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