5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Houseplants

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This is about : 5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Houseplants
And this article : 5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Houseplants
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5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Houseplants

Indoor plants form an essential part of modern interior design. Almost any indoor environment can be greatly enhanced through the addition of beautiful ornamental plants. Whether yours is a condominium, an apartment or a multistoried family home; houseplants can help you add warmth, beauty and unique personality to the given space. Indoor plants can also be added to commercial interiors to humanize the area and enhance productivity.

Presenting 5 unique interior decoration ideas and tips using houseplants to help you add a more personable environment to your rooms:

1. Choose plants based on ambient conditions

Houseplants require optimal levels of natural light to keep them thriving. The amount of sunlight your room receives varies based on the season and the direction in which the windows are facing. You can always use artificial light to supplement the amount of natural light your chosen houseplants get. Other factors like ambient temperature and humidity also play a major role on your plants’ health. So, do choose accordingly - for example, areas with high humidity such as the bathrooms are best decorated with plants like Orchids that thrive on high humidity and natural light.

2. Use ornate containers and trays

Indoor plants can be placed in beautiful decorative indoor planters to further enhance the interiors. These days, you can get containers in a variety of materials including resin, ceramic, plastic, clay, wood, copper, brass, and more. It is essential to choose the right sized container which allows the plant to grow roots properly and also give overhead room for watering. You can also match the containers’ colors/styles with your interior colors and style. Place very tall and towering plants in mobile containers having wheels. These will allow you to move the plants to better location or when making room for other stuff. You can also use Galvanized trays to catch extra water underneath the indoor plants; particularly ones placed on the window ledge or tables. Not only do these look beautiful, they are also highly functional in protecting the walls and furniture from water marks and dirt.

3. Mix and match colored plants

One of the simplest interior design ideas when using houseplants for decoration is to mix and match different succulents. You could, for example, combine plants to create a ‘still-life’. Mix round, pointed, shiny and matte leafed plants; place them on a table or in a group in overhead hanging planters. Add a simple backdrop with artwork that picks on the colors of leaves you have chosen.

4. Create a living wall

Living walls is a highly innovative idea used by interior designers, architects and homeowners alike. It involves a vertical placement of plants that instantly transforms your walls into a lush green space. The idea can be used for living rooms as well as bathrooms. Readymade living wall units are readily available and these can be custom-fitted to suit any season, space or type of dwelling.

5. Consider the time you can allocate to your plants

Finally, remember that your houseplants need tender loving care- their leaves must be wiped clean off debris and grease that accumulates on them. They also need to be nourished with fertilizers from time to time. While you can always use self-watering planters to help reduce daily hassle of watering; you must also spend some time once in a while removing old soil for preventing rot and disease.

We hope these tips come in handy for you when decorating using houseplants. Good luck!

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