Why I Prefer Raised Bed Gardening

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Why I Prefer Raised Bed Gardening

I much prefer raised bed gardens to having to dig into the hard ground. There are so many reasons why this is a great idea.

First of all, if you're over 50, as I am, you probably have some arthritis and stiff joints. It is hard to tend gardens in the ground. And bending over will only bring you back pain.

I even use a little plastic garden cart with wheels I purchased at Walmart probably 18 years ago that I sit on and wheel myself about the patio! So there's virtually no "stooping over."

It is so much easier to control the soil conditions in a raised bed. You start out with fresh garden soil from the nursery for your garden needs. So you don't need to start out by amending the soil.

A raised bed ensures that you won't accidentally walk on your new budding seedlings! And this also means you won't tamp down the soil. 

It is said that soil may heat up faster, thus improving germination of your seeds! Win, win!

Those with disabilities can garden, if the raised bed is built to the right specifications. Thus leaving no one out.

When trying to decide whether you want to garden in the ground or above ground, take into consideration what a beating your knees and back may take digging in the dirt. It may cost you a doctor's visit as well!

Less chance for weeds makes me a happy camper. 

If you put your raised bed on the dirt, I would remove all weeds and grass and then cover the ground with layers of newspaper. 

If you do this in the fall, it will kill those weeds because they can't get sunlight.

Some plants, such as mint, spread rapidly and can get out of control. Putting them in containers helps slow down their spreading or even stops it. 

It is wise to plant mint in a container away from your other plants, as the runners can go wild. 

And then for those of us that don't work with power tools and want to make it simple, there are kits. 

This is the one I purchased from Gardener's Supply, but have not put it together yet.

You can find it on their website here. There are two sizes to choose from.

While I'm at it, I want to show you the garden hose and sprayer I swear by from Gardener's Supply. I've been through my garden hoses, and these are the only ones I will use!

The 50 foot featherweight (which is all I need on the patio) coiled hose is $49.95 and you can find it here.

The easy squeeze spray nozzle is $14.95 and you can find it here.

Happy gardening!

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