Comfortable Modern Kitchen Design Layout

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Comfortable Modern Kitchen Design Layout

The kitchen is currently providing a very important role in a dwelling. The kitchen in addition to being a place to cook but also an area where the whole family can gather and interact with each other.

If the first location of the kitchen in the back of the house is now the location of the kitchen is placed in the middle of the house and with the luxury and cutting-edge design.

The lay out of the kitchen when it’s likely to open and integrated with other rooms (open kitchen). For today’s kitchen design is very charming equipped with advanced equipment. Currently particularly modern style kitchen design minimalist still be preferred.

The distinctive feature of the kitchen is shaped simple minimalist style, dominated by geometric boxes that highlight the dynamic iridescence in accordance with the character of the kitchen user. But for classic style kitchen actually still showing the impression of luxury and elegance that the choice among the upper classes.

The kitchen consists of several types and is also adaptable to wide occupancy. Kitchen type single line and double line is suitable for small as well as residential apartments or town houses. While the kitchen is more suitable for the type U spacious residences and could be supplemented by a table-shaped island.

Modern kitchen is currently supported by advanced equipment, accessories and fittings that fit. Kitchen set to be supported by a versatile technology that creates electrical appliances such as an oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and sucking fumes.

Not only was the door closing cabinets also have a variety of ways to open that there used regular hinges and special hinges was used. For kitchen lighting commonly used types of lights on the ceiling down light and spotlight to illuminate the inside of the cabinet.

The kitchen is also usually divided into two, namely clean and dirty kitchen or pantry. Dirty kitchen is usually located in the rear of the dwelling and its function is to process the raw materials into food. As for the pantry or kitchen cleaner used for activities that are lighter such as breakfast, drinks and simple food processing. For the pantry usually equipped with a breakfast bar.

You can choose a kitchen design according to your taste and your budget. But one thing you should consider is to always maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen to constantly provide comfort for its owners.

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