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Example Picture Minimalist Design Type 70

Shape design of the house with a simple model that is simple but still look elegant and luxurious indeed be a star in the home trend today, for it is the architecture was flourishing in creating various forms of variation as well as the latest modification to create a dream house a happy family.

Selection of a minimalist home design become one of the Indonesian people, this is of course in terms of the price that could be considered cheap for the type of home the present era, and one of them is a http://sophiamagnolia.blogspot.com /">minimalist home design type 70.

Well in the 2016's era home design minimalist type 70 is already less competitive with the design of a type 36 and type 45, but there is still plenty of demand for the public as consumers who want this design type housing 70. Perhaps this can be driven by several factors, especially type 70 minimalist house design has many advantages compared to type 36 and 45.

Selection of the 70 types of home design is perfect for families who have enough children of more than two children, as has been imagined by you that a house with a type 36 would not be sufficient to amount to live in large numbers of people.

In detail design minimalist house with Type 70 is a house with a land area of 70 square meters, with a size of 70 square meters is arguably quite spacious compared to the minimalist house type 36 and 45, so the price will be higher than the design house type 45 or 36. For more details this minimalist house plan type 70 2nd floors and the design of the house.

Minimalist House Plan Type 70 Two Floors

For this type of house type 70 you can make a minimalist one-story house even two floors. But for those who have family members more it helps you create minimalist design type 70 2nd floor, maybe kind of home like this to be the right choice for you as a couple.

Minimalist House Plan Type 70 Two Floors 1

As you can see above, that the plans for the design type housing 70 has a wider space so the room interior is more visible. on the first floor may be able to create two indoor rooms along with 1 bathroom in it, one family room for gathering, one living room, one living room, dining and kitchen space is also one plus one piece lavatory. And also visible on the exterior of the house room you can make one indoor parking, a swimming pool is also a bit of land to the park with the intention of habitable beautify your house so it will look more beautiful and fresh.

Minimalist House Plan Type 70 Two Floors 2

On the second floor of his can you make an extra room as a single room with a bathroom in it, a warehouse space, a music room, exercise room or other purposes.

Example Picture Minimalist Design Type 70 Two Floors

With larger size can allow you to have a variety of additional space, especially when coupled with one floor up. Of course the house you inhabit will feel and look more widely and freely.

To design it self can be your own stretcher suit the tastes and tailored to the funds you have. Her simple minimalist style allows many people who love home design type 70. For example, I attach an example of minimalist type 70 below:

Example Picture Minimalist Design Type 70 Two Floors 1

Example Picture Minimalist Design Type 70 Two Floors 2

Example Picture Minimalist Design Type 70 Two Floors 3

http://sophiamagnolia.blogspot.com /2016/05/example-picture-minimalist-design-type-70.html">Minimalist house design type 70 2nd floor is generally composed of three bedrooms with each one bathroom inside, with two bedrooms below and one room again on the 2nd floor, but if it is less you can add a room the floor below or above , One main bedroom father and mother would you have, of course, with a larger size than the other rooms, so you can store various items and designing the room more freely so that it can make you more comfortable will also look more luxurious.
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For the record, the paint color would you wear on any spreadable wall also needs attention, it certainly can affect the beauty in terms of vision. Of course the color right mix will obviously make your home more beautiful and luxurious. Ensure choose a cool and elegant colors such as pastel colors.

Such a review of http://sophiamagnolia.blogspot.com /2016/05/example-picture-minimalist-design-type-70.html">Example Picture Minimalist Design Type 70 which may be the type of house you're hankering to this one, so hopefully you can make the above review of reference when you are going to build a house with this one type.

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