Java Talk: Easy 5 Ingredient (Or Less) Meals

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This is about : Java Talk: Easy 5 Ingredient (Or Less) Meals
And this article : Java Talk: Easy 5 Ingredient (Or Less) Meals
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Java Talk: Easy 5 Ingredient (Or Less) Meals

Food is always a hot topic. We all must eat. I just don't have it in me to cook recipes with a long list of ingredients. I get tired just thinking about it. 

So I'm currently on the hunt for 3 ingredient meals. I love my pulled pork in the crock pot recipe, which only requires pork, a can of root beer, and a bottle of barbecue sauce. 

I brown my pork loin in my electric skillet with some spices. Then I put it in the crock pot. I then pour a can of root beer over it. If it's a really big piece of pork, I might pour a bit more.

I cook it overnight on low. (My crock pot goes off automatically after the specified time and stays on warm). Then I pour off the remaining root beer, take a knife and fork and cut up the pork while in the crock pot (it pretty much just falls apart with a little encouragement). And I then pour a bottle of barbecue sauce over it. If it's a big piece of pork, I sometimes use more than one bottle. 

I buy hamburger buns and freeze them. After a couple of days of barbecue sandwiches, I'm ready to freeze the rest of it in individual zip lock bags. 

I really have to freeze it in zip lock bags, because my freezer is small. And zip lock bags of unfrozen food will fit around whatever is already in there.

So when I'm ready for a barbecue sandwich again, I just put one of the baggies in the fridge that day and thaw one hamburger bun. I typically fix some baked beans and add veggie chips. (I like certain veggie chips because they are less salty than regular chips, and I'm not a fan of salt.)

Another meal I found on Pinterest is called 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cranberry Chicken.

The ingredients for this recipe: 
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 cup French dressing
1 15-ounce can whole cranberry sauce

1. Lightly grease a slow cooker. Place chicken breasts in a single layer.
2. Whisk together French dressing and cranberry sauce (I didn't have a whisk, so just used a spoon)
3. Cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 6 hours until chicken is cooked through. 

I've made this recipe once. I just had it with vegetables. But I am about to cook it again. And this time my plan is to have it over rice.

Okay, it's your turn. Get a cup of coffee, tea, or a cold beverage and let's talk about 5 ingredient or less recipes. 

What have you got to share with us?

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