Java Talk: Morning Rituals

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Java Talk: Morning Rituals

We haven't had Java Talk in some time. So today let's get some coffee or tea and chat.

Let's talk about our morning rituals.

Mine goes like this:I get up and get on my yoga mat for some good stretching. I've hurt so many parts of my body, I need that to get going.

Then I tend to the pupsters' needs. And then my own. 

I start coffee and get a bowl of cereal. Lately I've gone back to my childhood favorite: chocolate Malt-o-Meal. Remember that? Well, I saw it in a store one day, and now I'm stuck on it. 

Typically by then Israel is at the door. He loves my coffee. I don't buy anything expensive. It has to be under $5 for me to buy it, and then I usually mix whatever vanilla brand I buy with some good old Folgers. 

Then I sit down on the couch with the pupsters and have my cereal. After that I get up for my one cup of coffee. I can't take coffee on an empty stomach.

While sipping my coffee, I get online and start checking email, etc.

Israel doesn't have to be at work yet, and is sitting on one of the wicker chairs with his phone. Usually he's checking out his relatives in Mexico.

So that is my morning ritual. What is yours?

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