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Small House Design Minimalist /">Small House Design Minimalist will be suitable for your new small family with 1 or 2 children only. Houses of this type a lot lately in the interest of small happy family because of its small not too wide so not too many empty rooms unused.

This minimalist small house would be comfortable shelter when you can design it as you wish and needs. Speaking of design, of course, you want a home design that is unsightly and uncomfortable when inhabited.

In the matter of design, minimalist small house can not be considered trivial. In design it you should be acutely observant and careful in the selection of all the elements that needed him. For example the selection of paint colors, furnishings that you will save up to select the interior that you want to be really adjusted to the narrow land.

Judging from the amount of interest in this minimalist design house, this time I intend to provide inspiration for those of you who got interested in home design this one. This is to provide insight to you in order to begin to have an idea of the /2016/05/small-house-design-minimalist.html">Small House Design Minimalist.

Examples of Small Home Minimalist

Examples of Small Home Minimalist 1

Examples of Small Home Minimalist 2

Examples of Small Home Minimalist 3

Examples of Small Home Minimalist 4

As an example I took the picture above to give an overview. Well, maybe you've seen from the area and shape alone you can already distinguish the small house design has a minimalist narrow area with a distinctive minimalist design.

Staining on the ceiling with bright colors is one way to build the illusion that the house look more spacious. Utilizing a narrow place as a crop planted with ornamental plants are also a mix of design and looks very charming.

The minimalist design of the house usually only space that is highly required space in a house. Such as living room, family room, master suite and children's rooms, as well as the kitchen together with dining room.

Small House Design Minimalist Living Room

Small House Design Minimalist Living Room

The living room is a room that is very important at home. In a small house design minimalist in demand to pick a design that can adjust to the land that is not too broad. You have to consider what is allowed in the design of your living space and how to make the interior that you use to make your living room look spacious even though cramped.

Selection sofa with white and aligned with brown color on the table, will make your living room look minimalist. Motif on the floor with color harmony also increasingly make your living room look very pretty.

To give the impression of the room you can leave the writing on the wall with a picture of a broad expanse of the image such as deserts or oceans that extend blue. With such far-reaching effects will be visible in your living room is gorgeous.

Bedroom Design Minimalist Top Small Houses

Bedroom Design Minimalist Top Small Houses

Room is a place to unwind very appropriate after a tiring perform various activities. Therefore, in designing the room should be made with as comfortable as possible. Make room atmosphere calm and cheerful. So you can rest easy and comfortable.

In addition to comfort, the room design minimalist small house, you must consider the effectiveness of land as well. To save space, you can create a closet for storage of items such as books or photo frames. As for wardrobe, you can create a multifunctional wall cabinets.

Selection of the closet with a large mirror that will help you in building a broad effect in your room. If you want to put a chair in the room, you should choose a sofa with a large size by placing 1 sofa alone, compared to if you put some small sofa.

Bedroom Design Children In Small Houses Minimalist

Bedroom Design Children In Small Houses Minimalist

When the child grows from infant to child grows older children, hence the need for the rooms even more important to be separated from their parents. As a start in learning independence. In a small house minimalist, children's room had to be adjusted with the land you have.

Maybe if you have one child, it would not be a big problem. However, if more eg two it will be a problem that does sometimes make you think 2 times to buy a small house minimalist.

Well, the right solution is to combine two of your children in one room. In this case of course you'll need the creativity to make small rooms but still comfortable for your child. Selection of bunk beds make this small room is able to provide a very comfortable bed on both your child to still be able to save the land.

In addition, the utilization of the narrow places such as under the mattress is the right decision. For example make cabinets or drawers under the mattress to keep some stuff favorite little guy. Selection of color with bright colors and the colors are cheerful child personality adjustment.

That is little discussion of the /2016/05/small-house-design-minimalist.html">Small House Design Minimalist. The point in the design of this house model you have to be clever clever use of empty space or a narrow place to place more helpful. In addition, in the design of this home you also need smart smart to choose furniture for your home. That is all and thank you.

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