How to decorate a large living room

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And this article : How to decorate a large living room
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How to decorate a large living room

How to decorate a large living room? Develop a living room then, is to define multiple zones within the same plate without risking breaking energy of spaces and volumes. The good news: using some upgrading and decorative elements, we can actually influence the appearance and perception of a room! Floor covering, furniture, colors, lighting, here many malignant and effective tips to delineate spaces without partitioning!

How to decorate a large living room

Install carpet

Carpets do not have the sole function of heating a room. They also allow visually delimit the space by creating separate zones within a broad plateau. In the living room, carpet materialize gently sitting area and dining area.

Used furniture

Staging furniture to the separating function is a convenient and modular solution for creating more spaces in the same room. A corner sofa to create a cozy lounge well separated from the rest of the plateau. Realization: Interior Technologies

Each color sector

The use of color helps to prioritize the areas. Here, the visually Brown takes a prominent place and moved to the foreground. The white kitchen and seems further than it actually is

Think fixtures

Just raise your head in beautiful interiors to be convinced that the decoration is also a 3D affair! To materialize a living room or dining room, venture to the large fixtures and decorate your ceiling with a suspension that is necessary in style! She magically reveal the space it overlooks offering him a bonus well defined style!

Create clinched ground

Very effective to create two quite separate areas but still open: the stalled at ground level. On this shelf life, living room and dining room are separated by a small difference in level. Positioned on a raised plateau, the lounge offers extra light and nature through the large windows that open onto the garden

Play on the ceiling heights

Separate two spaces may be introducing a ceiling height difference between two areas. Installed on a platform, the kitchen of this life board enjoys high brightness with its high ceiling. Lower ceiling, the dining room has an attenuated light and more privacy

Diversify floor coverings

Diversify floor coverings to materialize two areas in a large part of life takes a lot of sense when it comes to visually separate the kitchen from the rest of the living room. The kitchen, a place of intense passage, requires a resistant coating. The practice Deco tip: install tile or concrete floor in the kitchen area and lounge offer the softness of a nice wooden floor

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