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Setting the Light In Bedroom

Comfort in Bedroom as the resting place of course needs to be addressed . Leisure in the Bedroom is not just in getting the selection of furniture and colors, but the light fitting system will provide emotional perception different for each individual. Play of light is one way to give a textural dimension to a room . Light can bring the balance on the overall feel of the room .

The bedroom is very personal uses. There you can do activities that only you and your family are allowed to know. In the bedroom you can do the activity without being bothered by other people.

Lighting In the Bedroom. We set it in three ways;
  1. General lighting is usually derived from downlight lamps that we put on the Ceiling .
  2. For Hobbies read before bed, we must attach a reading lamp in the bedroom. But the mistake that is often done is to install firm and very bright lights in the room so it makes it difficult sleepy. Main light should be reduce and Turn on reading light.
  3. Sleeping use lights dimmed.

Here are some tips Bedrooms good lighting and also meet criteria such as Soft, soothing ambience also provide the light for reading and other activities in the bedroom .

  • Appropriate lighting color of the walls
The color of your bedroom plays an important role in creating an atmosphere and mood. Lighting is used also depends on the color of the walls and furniture in your bedroom. Although bright colors are a popular choice for children's bedrooms, but blue is best to create a cool and airy effect.
  • Adjusted the lights

Make sure the lights are installed in strategic places where you need light to do your morning tasks, such as tying shoes, combing hair and dressing. Put the lamp just above and pointing downwards. Avoid placing lamps too high, but also not too low because it will interfere with your eyes.
  • Add a light beam

If you make the lighting to make your bedroom look more dramatic, you can add lighting to add lights under your bed. This will give your bedroom look beautiful glow and can even make your bed look like floating.
  • Use Dim lights

Dim lighting are the most appropriate choice for the bedroom because it will generally make the bedroom look relaxed atmosphere. Try not to use too many lights and use lights that use light dimmer than bright bedroom

For switches, you should wear Switches SPDT (single pole double Trow) because with this switch, we more easily turn off the lights of the two places from the door or near the headboard, so its easier for us to turn on the light when entering the room lights and turn off the lights at bedtime without having to walk.

You can use interesting ideas that you can apply yourself. Think of himself lighting you want according to your mood, personality and the effect you want. Because setting a good light will produce good quality sleep anyway, so the next day we wake up with fresh and ready to greet the morning sun with passion.

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