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How to Set the Wallpaper

Do you know the main enemy of wallpaper wall ?? Yes , the main enemy of the wallpaper is a fungus. Fungi that we know to be happy or breed in damp places, such as bathrooms for example . The walls that are in damp areas need different treatment from the other wall, such as the bathroom wall in trying to keep it dry. This is done to prevent mold 

Attach the wallpaper in a moist, rich bathroom so ?? Weitss ,, whoa, is not able, however, there are some notes so wallpaper can still be applied in humid spaces, and that includes places with high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchen, laundry area, and the area around the air conditioner. 
Generally, all types of wallpaper susceptible to moisture, why? Due to moisture and fungus can also damage the wall behind him. If wallpaper damaged, you just take them off, however, if the walls are damaged how ?? Be fatal. So, how is it?? Thus, the principle is to prevent as much as possible of water or moisture on the walls.

It often occurs right at the surface of the wallpaper that is constantly exposed to water, over time the water can "penetrate" to wallpaper and the end of the wall. After that, the fungus proliferate and be the permeation into the wall. Usually, this is not visible, as it is covered wallpaper. Although slight, the water could find a gap to penetrate behind the wallpaper.

Anyone tell wallpaper wall vinyl safer?? Right?? Indeed, vinyl has the advantage of being easy to clean. Vinyl can also hold water for some time, provided that if splashed water must be cleaned. Is That right?? If so disposable vinyl wrote ?? First, unfinished ya ,, even so, but it also does not avoid damp on the walls, because vinyl is not porous.

In addition, vinyl is usually used for the surface layer, while behind-coated paper or fabric. Which is important if you still want to use wallpaper at room moist, then it is better to use a slightly thicker fabric material so that when wet or damp does not penetrate to the back. The risk is still there, the water still can penetrate into the wall through the gap in the joint.

how if in the area around air conditioner ]?? Well, this place is often problematic when AC impaired, as there is water dripping and the wall. Therefore, in order to anticipate the occurrence of moisture, we should coat the walls of air-conditioned with a waterproofing before installing the wallpaper. If there are water droplets, immediately repair the AC before damaging your wallpaper.

How to Install the Wall Wallpaper - Other Tips

There's another tips

Powder room

What is it?? Powder room is a small bathroom often used for guests who visit, so it is not used for bathing. Therefore, equipment not complete bathroom in general. In this space there is only a toilet and there is also a sink. Well, the wallpaper can be installed this room when moist levels low.

Bathroom Wet

On the bathroom wall manifold wet bathroom, use wallpaper is not recommended. Conditions on a wet bathroom space is always moist and never dry. If you still want to install, you should combine with a wall of ceramic coatings so, install tile on the bottom that is always exposed to water and wallpaper the walls at the top of the dry (high above our heads).

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