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The Minimalist Living Room

The living room is a room for receiving guests such as relatives, neighbors, or your friends. So practically the living room is the first impression to others about your home and even your own private. Beautiful living room, neat and orderly will certainly leave the impression for those who enter it. Most people argue identical to the living room and a large spacious room in essence, the living room is not necessarily synonymous with great rooms, spacious, and luxurious. If you only have a small room to be used as a living area, do not be discouraged. With proper arrangement you can also get a beautiful living room and comfortable with a minimalist design that does not take up much space

1. All White Modern Design
 Marie Burgos Design
The first design is a charming white living room. Designers use modern furniture and decorations to make the room with limited area like this to be luxurious look and look spacious and elegant. Minimalist rooms adapted to the size of tables and chairs so that his impression was not crowded. When using additional decoration should be in the form of wall paintings that do not consume a lot of space or use wallpapper matching. 

2.  Beach Design

 Tara Seawright Interiors
This is an example design of a house located on the sea coast. White is the dominant color that is used by most of the beach house because of the white color has its own beauty and symbolizes the color of beautiful white sand and clean. Ornaments that there is more dominated by shades of the sea such as shells and other accessories

3.  Eclectic Living Room
To produce the composition of extraordinary living spaces you can combine traditional design with modern vintage design in terms of the selection of furniture and furniture tailored to your style and wishes

4.  Georgetown House

 Patrick Sutton Design Interior
The placement of unique furniture which set a small seating placed between two dining areas making it a comfortable place to read and relax.

5.  Modern Living Room

 Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech
What do you think about this large living room ? Use the right amount to make the living room look amazing. White color really looks with black accents at one side of the wall.

6.  Naker Decor

 Naker Decor
Ingenious design isn't it? By combining the two sets of seats in one small room and adding a beautiful modern decor make this room look bright, elegant and simple.

7.  Shelter Island

Schappacher White Ltd
Using striped cushions and black center table gives a lot of texture in this classroom. Notice, how cute carpet area with black and white color matching the color of the seat cushions. coupled with the color of the walls consisting of black and white gives a wonderful impression and comfort for occupants.

8.  Wall Residance

 Jamison Howard
Furniture and the dominant white space looks stunning when paired with some black accessories and ornaments. Creating living room design is different from the others. You can see a simple gate that is certainly a concern of the beholder.

9.  A Beach Cottage

 A Beach Cottage
Living room small and simple with white shades. Shades of white is not visible because the atmosphere is a bit dark with a warm desk lamp and combined by simple table and chairs that give the impression of a minimalist

10.  Sweet As Candy Eclectic Living Room

 Sweet As Candy
This is the living room design created specifically for lovers of home design. As we know, a clean living space tend to use white as the main color and simply add another color if necessary with a little eclectic decor

11.  Qountry House Quogue

 Austin Patterson Disston Arhitectsc
Chair in the living room is seen as having a French touch that is visible from the typical armrests. The dominant color used bright colors and clean, from the floor up to the roof that looks neat.

12.  Living Classic Room

 Huist Styling
Other themed living room furnished with chairs France beautiful and decorative. Material wooden table looks attract attention

13.  White Noise

 Country Living
White room certainly symbolizes beauty, but let us consider a costume couch in living room design,   along with simple tables and antiques. A round table on the side as a complement. All the furniture     that there seems to complement the crowds this white space

14.  Contemporary Beach House

Shiela Rich Interior
The modern rooms were designed with contemporary beach house theme. Modern furniture and contemporary rooms look very nice with a white background.

15.  Fire Island In New York

 Bierman Design
Large white sofas and comfortable look stunning, coupled with the use of wood texture look natural.

16.  Miami Modern Living Room


The living room is almost all white, except for the table decorations. A perfect example for modern rooms with minimalist furniture .


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