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Gooooooooo DAWGS!

What a fun project and awesome opportunity to be able to update one of the SkySuites at the UGA stadium!  It was a little bit of a challenge setting up times during the off season leading up to this fall football season, but so cool to be there when they're testing speakers, painting lines on the field and running around to get ready for the Dawgs to play! 
Before the box was very drab, plain and lacking personality... They all come "standard" this way. (BORRING) Soooo, when asked to do "whatever you think to make it look great!" I was excited and up for the challenge.  The old love seat had to go & the hunt was on for a red leather loveseat, new coffee table that wouldn't be too large, or take away from anything else, a rug to anchor the seating area, a cool light fixture, foyer table, and accent pieces to jazz it up!  Not to mention repainting all the walls in the suite, adding some accents of decorative painting and re-hanging the artwork and new TV. 
It turned out so great and is a "showstopper" when you walk down the hall and "peek into" the suites!  Many compliments while I was there working on various occasions and at the first game of the season.  So much fun and so rewarding to get to enjoy a space of someone else's after being the one that transformed it and gave it such personality!
It's Saturday in Athens...Gooooooo Dawgs!

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