Scary DIY Halloween Decorations and Crafts Ideas 2015

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This is about : Scary DIY Halloween Decorations and Crafts Ideas 2015
And this article : Scary DIY Halloween Decorations and Crafts Ideas 2015

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Scary DIY Halloween Decorations and Crafts Ideas 2015

Most of the people will start preparations for Halloween from next month. If you are DIY project lover then I am sure you will be looking for some cheap and scary DIY Halloween decorations and crafts ideas. I am going to share some cheap and scary DIY ideas for decorating your outdoors and indoors with spooky Halloween crafts. All the Halloween decorations are easy to make and you could make these Halloween crafts without spending much money. I have added ideas for making Halloween decorations from paper and other recycled materials which could be made with negligible expanses. All you need is little time and little efforts but result would be very creative, and ScaryJ
DIY Halloween Decorations and Crafts from Paper
Here are some creepy decorations and crafts ideas which could make your Halloween funny and spooky. You will need paper in three theme colors of Halloween i.e. orange, black and white. By little cutting, pasting, drawing and painting very creative Halloween decorations could be made.
In the first two pictures I have added below you could see that paper is used for making scary skulls, ghosts and skeletons. To make your work easy just take out some prints of skulls, and ghosts from your printer or just draw them yourself. Now paste them on thick chart paper and cut them properly. Now paste these paper crafts on walls or you could hang them as well.
Last minute Halloween decorations
Outdoor DIY Halloween decorations 2015
Takeout a print of owl and paste it under your lamp shade to make it look scary. Similarly orange and black colors could be used for making hanging Halloween paper pumpkin decorations as shown in the second picture.
Indoor halloween decorations 2015

Paper halloween crafts ideas 2015
Decorative garlands for Halloween could also help you in decorating your indoors and outdoors. Make garlands from paper bats, paper ghosts and skulls, etc. To make it easy just cut papers in different shapes and paint some scary faces on them. Paste these faces on a string and use it as a garland. Some pictures are added below.
Scary DIY Halloween Decorations 2015
Scary DIY Halloween Garland Ideas for parties

DIY Fall halloween decorations Ideas
Recycled Handmade Halloween Decorations from Mason Jars
Don’t throw away used mason jars because you could make recycled Halloween crafts from these mason jars. In the pictures I have added below some ideas for making scary Halloween decoration items. Just paint the jars with acrylic paint, glass paint or paste some colored crape paper on the empty mason jars. Now make spooky faces on mason jars with paint or by pasting paper eyes and face parts. You could place a candle in them to glow them at night. Here I have added some pictures.
DIY Halloween Decorations from mason jars
Recycled DIY Halloween Decorations
Wrap a bandage around a mason jar to make a last minute mummy decoration without spending money. Paste eyes of the mummy. You could paint and draw eyes on paper as well. Paste them on the mummy after cutting.
Last Minute DIY Halloween Decorations
Scary Ghost Decorations for Halloween
Here are some creepy ghost decorations for Halloween. To make cheap ghost craft you need and empty bottle, a balloon, piece of cloth etc. step by step tutorial for making ghost Halloween craft is added below.
DIY Halloween Decorations tutorials
To make cheap and scary Halloween decorations use paper and cut it to make ghost and use these paper ghosts for decorating indoors and outdoors.
Paper halloween decorations 2015
Cheap halloween decorations DIY

Take a tennis ball and wrap white cloth around it as shown in the picture. Now draw eyes and mouth by fabric paint or black marker to make scary ghost decorations. Make multiple ghosts for making a ghost garland.
DIY Halloween decorations and crafts 2015
DIY Pumpkin Halloween Decorations and Crafts
Pumpkins and orange color is an important part of Halloween. I am going to share some ideas for making pumpkin crafts and decorations. Buy some real pumpkins and make Halloween decorations from these pumpkins by cutting and painting these pumpkins.
DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas 2015
DIY Halloween Decorations for tables
DIY Outdoor halloween decorating ideas
Similarly you could paint pumpkins on your windows with glass paints as I have shown in the picture. You could also make paper pumpkins. Try to make pumpkins from balls, pears, egg shells etc.
DIY Paper pumpkin decorations 2015
Easy DIY halloween decorating ideas
Handmade halloween decorations 2015

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