Sanding, Painting, Overall Chaos

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Sanding, Painting, Overall Chaos

The birds are chirping in the trees. The tree branches have buds on them. And I can hear the sound of wind soughing in the tree tops. 

It's pretty warm here in Oklahoma.

My sun has traveled with me from home to home. He's got a fine rusty patina now, and greets me each morning.

Seventy degrees by noon. Nice...

This box came from Gardener's Supply Company a couple of days ago. But I've been so busy with the kitchen, I haven't had time to open it. They want me to do a terrarium project.

About an hour ago, this box came...

Inside are ferns to put inside the terrarium. 

So as soon as I can come up for air on the kitchen project, I've got to get this one started.

I haven't made a terrarium in quite some time. I had a ten gallon aquarium I turned into a terrarium when my girls were little.

This is the disaster zone that is my kitchen. The counter tops have had their top coats and now need to cure for awhile. Dry to the touch though.

The brown marks of paint you see on the wall came from my dabbing the granite paint with the sponge. It will be covered. 

I got out early and bought my paint for the back splash. 

Israel is outside right now painting the four inch trim we got yesterday. It will go where you now see the brown splotches. 

He's on his lunch break. I can hear his Mexican music out on the patio.

Well, that's where I am today. Hopefully I'll have the kitchen done by the weekend. But I'm waiting on a valance Primitive Star Quilt Shop is sending me for the kitchen window before I show what I've been working on. 

Yes, the embroidered pieces came down. I didn't think they went well with what's currently happening in the kitchen. So I called Jacki in New Yorkna this morning and we decided on what would probably work best.

As you know I've used red and white buffalo checked window treatments in the other windows that came from her shop. But this window is going to be different.

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