Yet Another Kitchen Redo In Progress

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Yet Another Kitchen Redo In Progress

I've been one very busy girl the last three days. I have applied the GianiGranite that they so kindly sent me to try. And now am working on the top coats.

As soon as I started applying it, I had my doubts that my boho-style back splash was going to work. 

Just wasn't liking a granite look with a colorful boho look. Which led to me taking down the decals. 

Then Israel went with me to Lowes where I picked up paint samples and trim. 

Then I will decide on the paint color for the wall between the counter top and the cabinets, that will replace the colorful decals I had decoupaged on.

I wish I could have done the walls and then the counter tops, as I risk paint spatters on my counter tops, but it couldn't be avoided. I will just have to cover the counters and be very careful.

I will pay Israel to do the trim. I don't have the machinery or tools, or the common sense, to get that right!

I don't want an "elegant" look. That is not me. And across from this is of course my big cart from World Market and above that the red cupboard from the antique mall. 

So somehow I've got to get these two looks to blend, and not to look too disparate. 

The granite look calls for a more sedate backdrop. And so I'm winging it. Deciding as I go along. It will certainly be much different than my first two looks.

I had certainly not planned another kitchen redo. But as you know, one thing leads to yet another.

Stay tuned...

Click /2015/03/before-after-kitchen-photos.html">here to see how my apartment kitchen looked before I started my now three renovations. And the subsequent styles I have chosen for each one. 

And I haven't even lived here two years! In April it will be two years. I moved here in 2014.

I sure never planned on redoing the kitchen three times in less than two years, yet it has happened.


Note: You noticed I truncated this post. I hate to do this, because I know most of you like to read a post without having to click "Read More."

But my page views have dropped drastically. Which means my income has dropped with it. 

So I apologize to you, my wonderful readers. But I have to see if this will bring my page views up so I can continue to pay the bills!

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